Friday, 4 September 2009

A lovely mix

When hubby picked some more plums yesterday, he also came home with a bag containing Elderberries, Damsons and Blackberries with a total weight of about 2lb. Not enough of each to really do anything with, so I decided to make some mixed fruit jam.

So having put Ruby to bed I set about washing the fruit ready for the pot. I put the fruit in a large pan with about half a pint of water and simmered for a good half an hour until the fruit was really soft and pulpy. At this point I then strained the fruit through a sieve (I really don't like the pips). Once strained I then added the sugar to the juice, stirring until the sugar had all dissolved. Once dissolved, I then increased the heat until boiling and then boiled for about ten minutes until setting point was reached.

This made 4lb of mixed fruit jam plus one small ramekin for the fridge! Wow! Just had some of the jam on toast, really different , but very nice.

1 comment:

  1. I love experiments...this is ace for all your little leftover can make mixed veg chutneys too!!