Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Bit of an experiment

I still have a load of plums and again I made some jam, but just to make it a bit more interesting, I added a chili to the mix !

I used a basic jam recipe 3lb fruit and 3lb sugar, but I also added a chilli which I pierced with a knife to release some of the heat. Before the sugar was added I tasted the tart fruit pulp and it was very hot with the heat of the chilli, but once I added the sugar, it seemed to take some of the heat away. I passed the mixture through a sieve to remove the chilli and its seeds after it had been boiled with the fruit. Don't want any nasty surprises!

When I was putting the jam into jars and I tasted it, I noticed there was a little heat from the chilli but not too much, I may leave this jam to mature for a while before using.

Now, what other combination's could I use .........

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